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Master of Mosh Pits


in which I did

Game/Level design, Idea generation

▸ Came up with the general game idea
▸ Provided concept art of the overall look of the player characters
▸ Inserted 20+ heavy metal references
▸ Designed the game's tutorials

IT University of Copenhagen



  • Multiplayer brawler

  • Party/heavy metal culture

  • Made in Unity

"Are you the centre of the party or are you just a normal fan? Can you survive the wildest mosh pit of the festival? Show what you got! Become the last person standing in this tribute to heavy metal!"

creative process

This project was made in collaboration with LiveNation, KMD, and the Copenhell festival. As an elective, we got the option to create a game that would be presented at the Copenhell of the year.


It was my general idea that started the production - a brawler, where you fight against others inside of a mosh pit. Some of the challenges would lie in battling inside of a mosh pit, which as a living organism would push the players around constantly. Originally it was planned for each match to contain several phases, each representing a different kind of mosh pit, but due to time constraints, it got scaled down to just one.


I contributed with textures and character design, as well as tutorial screens and all text content, which was filled with heavy metal references to give a complete experience for the festival guests.

design process

The playable characters were heavily inspired by Nintendo's Miis. Their simplistic design was a good starting point, when no-one on the development team had any prior 3D modelling experience. Initially, the option to pick a character was part of the concept. However, by picking very texture-less characters meant that we could focus on implementing characters that represented different kinds of heavy metal fans. This form of inclusivity took priority, as it further emphasised the celebration of heavy metal culture by representing different parts of the culture. The design of the final characters ended up being genderless.

Above are the two graphics that I created to show the player how to play the game. These would be shown as skippable splash screens when the game was loading.

One of many changes that happened during the development phase was the change of perspective. Initially, it was the idea to have the camera facing the crowd with the stage in the background, but we changed this to give the illusion that this was seen from the perspective of the band performing at Copenhell. This change also meant that we did not have to create models of a performing band, which saved some time and effort.

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