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Ritual Practice


in which I did

Narrative design, sound design

▸ Wrote all in-game text and dialogue
▸ Conceptualised the game world including lore, which drove the narrative design forward
▸ Created unique sound effects and ambient music

IT University of Copenhagen


  • Puzzle Adventure

  • Atmospheric/Cosmic horror

  • Made in Unity

"The explorer and cartographer Aida gets sent out on a mission from the Empire to chart a mystic forest. Darkness is a heavy element that encapsulates the forest, and at the centre of it, she finds an abandoned village.
But are the villagers still there?"

creative process

At this production, I worked closely with the game director in building the game world. The goal was to find a balance where the whole world wasn't explained, but the player would put the pieces together themselves based on what was going on around them. To lay down these breadcrumbs for the player, and to get a better feel of what direction the story could take, it helped me to define the whole structure of the world, with gods, religions, and so forth. Even though only a fraction of this is visible in the final game, it was an effective tool in writing the game.

I was also a sound designer on this production, where I used drones and other sound effects to create a soundscape of both realistic and artificial sounds.

design process

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