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The Twisted Tales of a generic artifact


in which I did

Game direction, narrative design,

music and sound design, pitching

▸ Creative lead and game director on the project
▸ Pitched my game idea in front of industry experts
▸ Wrote 5+ unique game endings
▸ Composed and recorded the entire game soundtrack

IT University of Copenhagen



  • Visual novel/Adventure

  • Comedy

  • Made in Twine + java

"Stan gets the message that his grandfather has died and that he has inherited a mystic trophy-looking artifact. When he approaches the artifact, he suddenly wakes up in his own bed again. It brought him back in time!"

creative process

This was my first game project at the IT University of Copenhagen, and my first project as game director, script writer, and composer. The game is a classic time loop, but each time one finds an ending, the story is reset, but you keep all your stuff in your inventory. The game was originally intended to be a point-and-click adventure game, but due to time constraints we had to finish the game in Twine, which was being used to create the prototype.


From this process, I learned about the importance of listening and make decisions on behalf of the team, about pitching to people from the industry, about video game narratives with several branches, and about writing comedy for games.

design process

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